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Please share this information with your student so they know what to expect. See and the attachments to this email to determine what to pack, and check the 10-day forecast for San Francisco.  The itinerary is attached, and you can see that it is packed. Comfort is key!
This is a video with some great packing tips:
This video addresses TSA guidelines for packing toiletries:

What happens on Monday, March 6?

ALL luggage must be brought to school at 6:00 PM for inspection.  (This does not include backpacks–those are a personal item and do not require inspection per LPS guidelines. Bring those Saturday.) Follow the signs–you will either enter through the band room or choir room.
Students will pick up their orange travel t-shirts when they bring their luggage for inspection.  Those that ordered blue or white trip t-shirts should plan on picking those up at this time, as well.  
After the luggage is inspected:  Carry-on luggage will be securely stored at school until Saturday’s departure. (Those meeting at East to ride the bus for Omaha flights will get their luggage before loading the bus. The luggage for the Lincoln flight will be delivered to the airport.) Truck luggage will be loaded immediately after inspection.

Instruments will be loaded on the truck.  Flute and clarinet players can choose to pack their instruments in their luggage, but we will have tubs on the truck to contain these smaller instruments. Be sure you have everything you need for your instrument–extra reeds, valve oil, etc.

The truck will be leaving Lincoln on Tuesday afternoon.  

What happens on Saturday, March 11?
See the Packing Checklist attachment for your student’s report and flight times.  As stated above, if you chose the carry-on option, those with Omaha flights will get their luggage at school and put it on the bus.  Lincoln flyers will meet up with their luggage at the airport.  It is being securely transported from school to the airport on Saturday morning.  
Bring your backpacks at this time!  See the attachment and/or website for suggestions on what to bring in your backpack.  Anything that you may need immediately–snack food, medicine, empty water bottle, etc.should be in the backpack.  Space can be saved in the luggage by packing toiletries and makeup in the backpack.  See the our website our the TSA website for guidelines on traveling with liquids.  
If your student has not flown before, we recommend they are chewing some gum when the plane takes off.  This will help prevent ears from popping!
Once in San Francisco:  Those that have chosen to use carry-on luggage will stow this under the bus upon leaving the airport.  Everyone should keep their backpacks with them.  The buses will be secured while attending the different events for the day.  
We will check in at the hotel after the symphony concert on Saturday night.  Specific details will be given at that time, but this is when everyone will get their instruments from the equipment truck, and those that have luggage on the truck will get it at that time.