Lincoln East Band Boosters has many dedicated volunteers work hard and have fun! We have a number of opportunities and ways you can help whether it is once or throughout the year. Some of the areas that often need more help are: sewing/hemming pants, building props for the Marching Band, help carry front line equipment on and off the field for competitions, bake cookies, and chaperone. If you have a special skill or business that could help our band, let us know!

Fundraising is critical to the band program.   If you have a great idea for fundraising, let us know! We are always looking for parents and grandparents to help us organize or chair an event. We can always use extra volunteers for the day of events, too!


Volunteer Opportunities:


A Needle Pulling Thread

Several people are needed to assist with sewing and alterations during band camp. Duties include sewing buttons, hand stitching hems, repairing and altering the uniforms.
Play with Plumes

Several people are needed to assist with the marching band uniforms. You will have direct contact with the students. Duties include helping students retrieve their uniforms before games and competitions, helping put up hair, shining shoes, putting plumes in hats just prior to a performance, and then helping students correctly hang their uniforms and put them away after a performance. Please arrive at the student report time, which is typically about 1.5-2 hours before each performance. Please check the itinerary Mr. Thorpe sends out for the exact report time.”
Hanging with the Band at Band Camp

Several people are needed to assist during Band Camp in late July and early August. One (1) parent per shift (9:00-Noon, 1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m.) is needed to be on hand in case of an injury, heat illness, etc. You do not have to have a medical background to help out. Those volunteering for the morning shift are asked to bring a 5-pound bag of ice. You are welcome to bring your lawn chair, a book and hang with the band!
Master Hauler

Interested in pulling the utility trailer on Wednesday mornings during marching band season. Time commitment is approximately 7 AM – 8:45 AM.
Band Exhibition Tailgate & Performance

Several volunteers to help with the Tailgate Party on prior to the Band exhibition performance. Duties include help with set-up/tear down, serving food, stocking supplies, assisting the
Grillers, and manning the sales tables (taking order forms at the t-shirt/hat table, taking money for pompoms, raffle tickets and DVDs, and assisting with the gently used clothing sales table).
Booster Blitz

Several people are needed to assist with the Booster Blitz in August. Duties include setting up the Booster booth during the event, manning the booth, and cleaning up.
Fun with Flags

Several people are needed to assist the Color Guard during fall and winter Guard. Duties include preparing for marching band performances by organizing costumes, assisting with flags, makeup and hair.
Tool Talents

Several people are needed to assist the Marching Band with props. Duties include building props for performances and competitions.
Band Roadies

Several people are needed to assist with the “Pit Crew”. The pit instruments are the stationary percussion instruments played by the sideline during half-time game performances and competitions. Pit Crew members assist the marching band before and after performances and games. Duties include loading the trailer, unloading again at the field for performance, helping students move the instrument and other equipment on and off the field, and loading the equipment back into the trailer and unloading at the school.
Note that the Pit Crew will be needed prior to half-time at football games and will not return to the stands for the rest of the game.
Water, Water, Everywhere

A minimum of two (2) people are needed to assist with water duties at games and competitions. Duties include filling water coolers or providing bottled water to students during football games and out-of-town competitions. A more detailed duty list can be found in the band storage room next to the water coolers.

Water for the Band during home football games the Lincoln East Band usually performs before the game, during the game, and at half time. Band uniforms are worn during this time and students are not allowed to eat or drink, except for water. The Band Boosters provide water for the band members during this time.

The water coolers need to be in the stands around game time. Filling the three water coolers usually takes 15 minutes. When the weather turns cold, you might have to fill just two water coolers.
Band Groupies

Several people are needed to travel with the band as chaperones. Duties include riding with the band on the bus to games and competitions, including the Harvest of Harmony Parade in October. Parents can be assigned to their child’s bus or another bus if preferred.
A minimum of two (2) parents are need to ride each bus.
Note: The Harvest of Harmony Parade takes place in Grand Island and is an all-day event.
Party in the Parking Lot

Several people are needed to assist with tailgate parties. Duties include setting up and cleaning up the pre-game gathering before a chosen home football game, purchasing supplies and food or seeking donations for the same.
Welcome to the Band

Assisting with 8th Grade Invitation Night in September. 8th graders are invited to perform with the band for the Star-Spangled Banner at a home football game and then play with the band in the stands during the game. Duties include distributing treats and water and welcoming the 8th graders to the band.
Night at the Acropolis

Several people are needed to assist with decorating for the Night at the Acropolis event in November. A Night at the Acropolis is a biennial fundraising showcase of the Lincoln East Music Department and is the only time when all music ensembles perform on one night.
Put the FUN in Fundraising

Several people are needed to assist with fundraising. The band holds various fundraisers throughout the year including the sale of Marcus Theater tickets, coffee from the Mill, Baker’s Chocolates during the holidays, restaurant nights, and others. Duties would include organizing one of these fundraisers, working with the Communications Director to create printed materials/announcements for the fundraiser (if necessary) ordering products, collecting money and distributing products.
Santa’s Helpers

Several people are needed to assist with giftwrapping at Gateway Mall. The biggest fundraiser for the band is the annual gift wrap station at Gateway the weekend after Thanksgiving until December 24th. Duties include coordinating volunteers, staffing 2-3 hour shifts and supervising band members as they wrap gifts.
Note this is a fundraiser that has the potential of purchasing two tubas for our band. #savethetubas
Sweet Celebrations

Several people are needed to assist with the Spring Band Dessert Reception. The band holds a year-end celebration to honor all band, ensembles and color guard members in May. Duties include setting up and cleaning up for the reception.
New & Incoming Freshman Night

East High School will hold an Information Night for students and parents of current eighth grade students and new students in or around March or April. Band staff will go through the schedule and calendar for the upcoming marching band season, discuss rehearsals and what to expect during the marching season. Instructional materials will be on display and booster members will be available to answer questions. Duties include answering questionings and assisting parents and students to the appropriate classrooms.

We have several sign up links out right now.  Many volunteers are needed in the upcoming months and without you commitment of time and dedication to serve, it would be impossible for our band to succeed.


Your support of the band is greatly appreciated. Please consider joining us, sign up as you are able, and we’ll see you at our next event!

If you have questions, please send eastbandexecutiveboard@gmail.com an email. Thank you!