Q:  Who do I contact with questions on how to complete the forms?

A:  Send an email to eastbandexecutiveboard@gmail.com. There are several places to access this address on the website. We will be watching this email closely and will respond as quickly as we can. Leave your phone number in the email and we can call you if you would like.


Q:  Can I order buttons and/or decals later?  If so, how can I do that?

A:  To avoid late orders, it is best to order at this time; however, we can still take orders at a later date. Final deadlines will be communicated through e-mail announcements.  To order later, just print the order form.


Q:  What items are “required” to order, and which ones are optional?

A:  Dri-fit polo, white t-shirt, black shorts, gloves (except for percussion), and shoes are required.  Shoes will be sized during band camp and ordered at that time, but are paid for now.

A: Percussion does not need gloves. Color Guard needs to order Dri-fit polo and black shorts.


Q:  I can only pay a portion of the $100 contribution at this time.  How do I enter this on the form?  How do I pay the rest of my contribution later?

A:  Uncheck the default $100 contribution (Blue and White Sponsor level), and check the “Additional Contribution” box and select the amount that you are paying now.  To complete your payment at a later date, a check can be mailed to East Band Boosters.  Be sure to put “band contribution” in the memo portion of your check. If Funds are available in your Student Account, you can apply funds towards your contribution. Follow directions in the online form.


Q:  What if my family qualifies for a Fee Waiver through LPS?

A:  If you qualify for Fee Waiver (free or reduced lunch) for the 2017-2018 school year, you will only purchase the dri-fit polo and black shorts (if needed) on this order form at your own expense.

The gloves, white shirt, and shoes should be ordered on the printable paper form and mailed to the East Band Boosters noting that a fee waiver application has been submitted. In order to have these items covered by the fee waiver, all associated paperwork must be submitted by the deadline.  Please uncheck the gloves, white shirt and shoes boxes on the online form, so you are not charged for these items when you check out.
Q:  How do I know what to type into each field, should it be an initial or signature?

A: Each field requiring a signature or initials will indicate inside the box and below what is needed. If you do not see this text,  try to refresh your browser. If still not displaying, try a different browser: Mozilla, Chrome, or Explorer.