Support the Band


Flower/Bulb Fundraiser:  These April showers will bring May flowers–but you have to order them first!  Flower Power Fundraising/Lincoln East Band Boosters  is our link to receiving 50% in profit, items directly shipped to the person ordering, and 100% guaranteed products.

Scrip:  Please keep ordering!  We will be creating some fun incentives. Scrip is a great way to build funds for our general operating expenses AND the wish list! (See the Fundraising page at for details)

The Mill Coffee and Marcus Theatre tickets!  Print your order forms from the website HERE, and bring them to the booster meeting on Thursday, May 4.

Pinnacle Bank Arena Concessions:

If you previously indicated that you are interested participating, then you have already received an email from Miki Valenta.  It isn’t too late to learn more and sign up!!

Training times are available (yes—it is paid, on the job training!)

Please let Miki Valenta know if you are interested. She can be reached at

*Funds raised will go to the individual student’s band account.

An Important Fundraising Message
Hello East High Marching Band Nation!
I wanted to let you know that there are 20+ opportunities to work the Pinnacle Arena Concessions fundraiser between now & when the last payment for the band trip is due. Students and/or parents are eligible to work. It is a great way to earn money (without having to buy or sell anything). You can work as many of the events as you like, no minimum required. Personally, this is how I plan to pay the last two payments for my kids’ band trip. So far our family (3 people) has fundraised over $800 working the concessions! If you are interested in more information about the arena concessions, click on the link below for all the details. If you have any questions after visiting the information link, you are welcome to email questions to Miki Valenta at
Pinnacle Bank Arena Concessions Fundraiser Information:

Hy-Vee, Super Saver and Russ’s Scrip Cards—

Contact Becky Miratsky at 816-507-5162, or  by the first of the month with your order.  Make payment and pick-up time arrangements with Becky when you place your order.

*Funds raised will go to the individual student’s band account.

The Mill Coffee and Tea:  The coffee order form can be found here, the tea, cider, and hot chocolate order form can be found here.   Both are at under the fundraising tab.  Email your order to

*Funds raised will go to the individual student’s band account.

Marcus Theater Tickets:   Order forms are available on our website, under the fundraising tab.  Email your orders to Kristin Miles at

*Funds raised will go to the individual student’s band account.

Krispy Kreme Donuts!!!   We have both Value Cards and Gift Certificates available for you to sell.  Gift Certificates are for a dozen original glazed donuts, and sell for $8 ($4 profit!).  The Value Card sells for $16 ($8 profit!), and has a value of $46.  What a great deal!  If you would like to participate in this fundraising opportunity, please contact Jaimie McGowan at

*Funds raised will go to the individual student’s band account.

Sign Up for the Online Scrip Program! Please Read Carefully

Shop your way to San Francisco!  Your student’s cost of the trip, that is!  We currently have 15 families participating, raising money for their individual student accounts. Remember–they are not spending money they wouldn’t already be spending.  The rebates add up quickly!  Invite friends and family to participate to increase your rebates!

Scrip is a convenient way to fundraise without spending any extra money—you are earning a rebate on money you are already spending!

Click here to see the Getting Started flyer, or follow the directions at the website above.To enroll go to and follow the easy directions to get signed up.

*Note:  Be sure to enter your student’s name in the student field when signing up.  This will help us get the earnings applied to your student’s band account.

It is highly recommended to sign up for PrestoPay when you enroll.  Click here to see how easy it is!   Orders can be placed 24/7, and you don’t have to worry about getting a check turned in to our band’s Scrip Coordinator. The payment for your order is deducted from your checking account, and this website is safe and secure.  E-cards and cards eligible for reloading will be processed when you order–no waiting for the plastic cards to be shipped to the Coordinator and then delivered.

If you prefer to write a check for your payment, please see the guidelines on under the scrip section of “Support the Band.”