Welcome to Lincoln East High Band!

East High has an outstanding tradition of excellence in vocal and instrumental music. Great music, great concerts, and great friendships combine for great classes. Music is a skill our students use and will enjoy the rest of their lives.

Our ensembles have performed for state, district, and national conventions and clinics. The Marching Band has performed in London, England; San Francisco, California; and marched at Walt Disney World in Florida. The Blue Note Jazz Band has traveled to Indianapolis, Atlanta, Orlando, Chicago, Los Angeles, Kansas City, and New York City.

Students at Lincoln East are very fortunate to have a wide variety of quality music ensemble opportunities. These ensembles can be subdivided into two major groups: Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular.

Co-Curricular ensembles meet during the school day and students are enrolled through Lincoln East to participate. Students receive a grade in these ensembles and therefore must adhere to the grading requirements set forth by each class. Classes offered are listed below.

Extra-Curricular ensembles are not actual classes. They typically meet outside of the school day, both before and after school, and in no way are required to be in Band at East. They are meant to be extra opportunities that are open to East Band students.  Ensemble opportunities are listed below.

Co-Curricular Ensembles

Marching Band

This is the first quarter portion of Band at East. Students will be expected to attend a camp in the summer. Students who do not attend camp cannot be guaranteed a spot in the halftime show! This ensemble performs at all home football games and 4 marching festivals. All students will develop not only physical stamina, but memorization and multi-tasking skills. 

Wind Ensemble

This ensemble begins second quarter after marching season is completed. It, along with Blue Note, is the top instrumental ensemble at East High School. Auditions are in the spring of the previous year. This ensemble will perform 4 – 5 concerts per year as well as perform at the All-City Large Ensemble Contest for adjudication in April.

Symphonic Band

This ensemble also begins second quarter and is open to all 10 – 12 graders. This group will also perform 3 – 4 concerts per year as well as the All-City Large Ensemble Contest in April. The goal of this ensemble is to perform the highest quality literature available while at the same time preparing its members with the musical skills necessary to perform in Wind Ensemble the following year. 

Concert Band

This ensemble also begins second quarter and is made up of the East Band’s 9th graders. This is a great opportunity to develop a musical “team” and sense of camaraderie between members. The main focus of the band is to develop solid fundamentals of playing in a concert ensemble and to best prepare students for Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble. The Concert Band will also perform 2 – 3 concerts per year and attend the All-City Large Ensemble Contest in April.

Blue Note Jazz Band

Membership in this ensemble is decided by audition the preceding spring. This ensemble will focus on learning the various elements of jazz through demonstrations, handouts, projects, lab work, and most importantly, performance. Potential performances include 3 – 4 concerts, 1 – 3 jazz festivals, and civic performances as they arise.

Extra-Curricular Ensembles

Prep Jazz Band(s)

This band meets during the spring semester and is meant to be an introductory environment for those interested in playing in a jazz band setting. Typically meeting before school, once or twice a week. This ensemble is meant to build a strong foundation of basic improvisational techniques that are needed to be selected into the Blue Note Jazz Band. The band’s performances could depend on the instrumentation and maturity level from year to year. There is no audition for this band, only a willingness to learn.

Blue Rush Pep Band

This pep band performs at all home basketball games in January and February, with some games possible in December. This group is based on audition that occurs in November and is usually limited to 30 – 40 members.

Dates will be provided in advance and members will need to commit to all games! Students must be in band spring semester to be eligible for the pep band.

Woodwind/Brass Choir

Brass Choir meets during the Fall Semester and Woodwind Choir meets during the Spring Semester. Usually meeting before the school day, these groups perform one concert and could possibly have other local performances.

Small Ensembles

Various other ensembles may be formed throughout the year, depending on the level of student interest. These might include percussion ensembles, miscellaneous duets, trios, quartets, etc. that might want to perform at the Solo & Ensemble Contest in February. These again are not required but are strongly encouraged and are an excellent way to develop musicianship in a chamber music setting. Students usually start selecting music in November and perform a first-round audition during finals week in December.

Solo Performances

Much like performing in the Small Ensembles, this opportunity will raise your musical ability to a whole new level. Solos also perform at the Contest in February and usually must pass a first-round audition during finals week in December.

Private Lessons

Lessons are highly encouraged! There is no way that we can match the one-on-one teaching in a classroom setting. It is an added expense, but there is nothing else that will raise your individual musicianship more quickly than private study. Please reference your Band Handbook for a listing of local private teachers.